Quick, name your favorite Beatles song. “Hey Jude”? “Yesterday”? “A Day in the Life”? “Something”? Can’t decide? Don’t worry, you’ll be hearing them all in the amazing aural experience that is Cirque du Soleil’s The Beatles LOVE, and with the sound system that Cirque’s technical team have assembled, you’ll feel like you’re hearing the songs for the first time.

In addition to a completely remastered score, courtesy of Giles Martin and his father, the late George Martin, each of the 2,000 seats in the LOVE theater has three speakers built in. The clarity of each song reveals layers you may have not heard before, and it’s hard to not feel goose bumps when you hear “Drive My Car” blend effortlessly into “What You’re Doing” and, finally, “The Word.”

It’s amazing enough just to hear the music this way, but Cirque’s production also visualizes some of the Fab Four’s most classic tunes through characters like Sgt. Pepper, Lady Madonna and Father McKenzie. Graphics are also used to great effect, especially during a somber version of George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” Get ready for a truly magical mystery tour.

The Mirage, 7 & 9:30 p.m. Tues.-Sat. (dark Sept. 14), $79-$180 plus tax and fee. 702.792.7777