It’s as if two bands became one. Or maybe it’s like one band became two. When audiences see The Doobie Brothers in concert, they are able to experience two distinct styles from two distinct eras.

The band has been a mainstay in the American rock ’n’ roll conversation since the early 1970s. Tom Johnston was at the helm vocally for the first set of classics. “Listen To The Music” introduced a mainstream audience to their sweet Cali music. The jam frenzy of “Jesus Is Just Alright” took things to the next plateau. “Black Water” propelled The Doobies even higher in the genre. After Johnston exited, The Doobie Brothers made a sharp turn with their sound leaning into the blue-eyed soul of new lead singer Michael McDonald. The softer sound led to even bigger hits like “Takin’ It To The Street” and “What a Fool Believes.”

Now, nearly 50 years in the game, The Doobie Brothers bring everything they’ve ever brought to the show, to the delight of their ever-excited audience, as one, or two, bands.

The Pearl at Palms, 8 p.m. Sept. 15, starting at $49.95 plus tax and fee. 702.944.3200