Some Las Vegas productions stress the live music aspect; others focus on inventive production values. Blue Man Group seamlessly blends both into one unforgettable night. As you leave the theater, you feel like you’ve seen both a great concert and an over-the-top visual feast—oh, and you’ve laughed a lot, too. There is simply no other show like it.

A lot of the production’s success owes to the ever-mysterious nature of the Blue Men themselves; it’s endlessly entertaining just to watch these cobalt-hued characters wander around the stage, as everything they see holds new and fascinating wonder, from marshmallows and Cap’n Crunch to Twinkies and smartphones. Whether they’re making art by spraying paint out of their mouths or making music on PVC pipes, they are fascinating. You cannot take your eyes off them.

Then there’s the percussive, driving nature of the music itself. It’s practically impossible to not be swept up by the sheer fun of these Grammy-winning rhythms and hooks. This show is a party that everyone is invited to. Even the Blue Men, who seem to understand very little, understand that.

Luxor, 7 & 9:30 p.m. daily, $59-$115.05, $175 VIP Behind the Blue package plus tax and fee. 702.262.4400