In the world of entertainment, comedians rarely get the respect that they deserve. Without realizing it, we tend to place them at the lower end of the scale for legitimate artists, even when they’ve made substantial impact. Then there’s superstar Jerry Seinfeld.

It seems like Seinfeld has been part of our lives forever. From late-night talk shows and national tours to his own long-running sitcom, it’s hard to remember a time when Seinfeld wasn’t a household name. He’s given us those quotable “Seinfeld-isms,” the “Soup Nazi” character and that puffy shirt, moments of comedy gold that have become a part of our culture.

It’s incredible to think that the Brooklyn-born funnyman is now 65 years old. How could this be true? Like comedy itself, Seinfeld seems ageless. His boyish smile and gentle delivery make him feel like a longtime friend, conversing about his take on society and his observations on our daily routine.

When Seinfeld wrapped up nine record-setting seasons on NBC, the titular star married Jessica Sklar. The couple had three children together and could have easily settled into a comfy life of domestic bliss. But Seinfeld had other plans. Being a husband and father had only added rich new elements to his comedy. So it was back to work with movies, television projects, commercials, an off-Broadway show, numerous charitable causes and, of course, live appearances.

And the appetite for Seinfeld’s brand of humor has continued to grow. New fans discover him year after year, thanks in large part to Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. The clever talk-show-in-a-car, which he created in 2012, began life as an experimental webisode series that was eventually acquired by Netflix. Season 11 began just this summer with Seinfeld continuing as host and director.

It seems fitting that Seinfeld’s current show would focus around automobiles. An avid car enthusiast, he owns more than 150 impressive models, including multiple Porsches, all housed in a custom multistory garage. He’s also built up an impressive collection of statuettes, thanks to recognition from the Screen Actors Guild, Golden Globes and Primetime Emmys.

Now, more than 40 years after testing his comedic chops in smoky clubs, Seinfeld is returning to the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. Vegas audiences can’t get enough of the legendary funny man. They’ve been filling the massive venue since his first show in 2003, and he’ll be appearing in the newly renovated theater Sept. 27-28 and Nov. 15-16.

Caesars Palace, 7:30 p.m. Sept. 27-28, $82.50-$165 plus tax and fee. 800.745.3000 Ticketmaster