This is the seventh in a series of quizzes to test your knowledge of the Silver State. This time, the category is haunted Vegas. Good luck!

1. True or False: Mr. Petri is the name of the ghost who haunts the halls of the performing arts center at Las Vegas Academy of the Arts.

2. At Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum, the property houses what is known as the world’s most haunted object. What is it?

a. Jack Kevorkian’s death van

b. Michael Jackson’s Propofol chair

c. Satan’s Skittles

d. The Dybbuk Box

3. Which comedian is said to haunt his former Las Vegas mansion?

a. Jerry Lewis

b. Redd Foxx

c. Don Rickles

d. George Carlin

4. Mark Twain lived and worked in which current Nevada ghost town?

a. Pioche

b. Caliente

c. Virginia City

d. Good Springs

5. The ghost of mobster Bugsy Siegel supposedly haunts which Las Vegas Strip hotel?

a. Flamingo

b. Tropicana

c. Circus Circus

d. Plaza

6. True or False: Nevada has the most ghost towns in America.

7. The ghost of Elvis has been spotted where in Las Vegas?

a. Venetian

b. Westgate

c. Flamingo

d. Caesars Palace

8. What is thought of as the most haunted park in the Las Vegas area?

a. Sunset Park

b. Floyd Lamb Park

c. Desert Breeze Park

d. Fox Ridge Park

9. True or False: Nevada is the most haunted state in America.

10. Las Vegas resident and Haunted Museum operator Zak Bagans is the host of which paranormal reality show?

a. Ghost Hunters.

b. Ghost Adventures

c. Ghost Nation

d. Space Ghost Coast to Coast


1. True. Stories of Mr. Petri and his fate vary, but the most popular tale is that Petri owned a home on the lot where LVA, then Las Vegas High School, wanted to expand. He apparently refused to move. Soon after, his home mysteriously burned down, and Petri was rumored to have been inside. He now wanders through the halls of the old theater, and any unexplained or mysterious incidents that occur are attributed to Mr. Petri.

2. D. The Dybbuk Box is a wine cabinet haunted by a malicious spirit known as a dybbuk. Previous owners have complained of strange phenomena associated with box, such as nightmares involving an old hag. One previous owner complained of being plagued by health issues like hives, hemoptysis and rapid hair loss. The box’s storied past eventually inspired the 2012 film The Possession.

3. B. Redd Foxx was known for his raunchy comedy act in the ‘50s and ‘60s, as well as his role as Fred Sanford in Sanford and Son. Unfortunately, he’s also known for the millions of dollars he owed the IRS. He died penniless in 1991. His Las Vegas mansion was sold in the early ‘90s to Elvis impersonator Jesse Garron, who soon noticed paranormal activity in the home. Many believe it’s the ghost of Foxx, whose spirit is so embittered by his tax woes that he terrorizes the home. The house has become a popular haunted attraction since.

4. C. Virginia City is where Samuel Clemens transformed into Mark Twain. In the early 1860s, Twain moved to the Nevada Territory with his older brother Orion. He later became the city editor of the Virginia City Daily Territorial Enterprise, where he cultivated his wit and knack for tall tales, but also developed a somewhat shaky relationship with his peers and Enterprise readers.

5. A. Bugsy Siegel helped develop the Flamingo, which opened in 1946. The hotel was not financially successful in the early days, and Siegel’s mismanagement of the property ultimately resulted in his murder in 1947. Paranormal activity has been reported by hotel guests over the years, and many believe it’s Siegel’s ghost.

6. False. Nevada has 106 ghost towns, but Texas has 511. Everything is bigger in Texas.

7. B. Elvis performed at the Westgate, formerly known as the International Hotel, for seven years. Since his death in 1977, his spirit has reportedly been seen hanging around the International Theater’s showroom and around the backstage elevators.

8. D. Fox Ridge Park in Henderson is filled with paranormal activity. Several ghost sightings have been reported, but the popular ghost story associated with the park involves a little boy who appears on the swing at midnight. Don’t make him angry, though. Legend has it that if the little boy is angered he will take on a demonic form.

9. False. According to Travel Channel’s haunted state rankings, Nevada ranks at #2. California takes the top spot at #1.

10. B. Ghost Adventures has aired on Travel Channel since 2008. Bagans and his team investigate the most haunted locations around the world.

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