The entertainment entity that brought circuses into the future has taken another great leap forward by creating the first live-action thriller in Las Vegas. R.U.N captures the aesthetic inspiration behind Cirque du Soleil productions and channels it into cinematic-level excitement, complete with stunts and special effects. Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez was called on to write a scenario reminiscent of Sin City, with the film noir narrative unfolding chapter by chapter and visuals that will seem familiar to followers of graphic novelist Frank Miller.

As a grave-sounding narrator provides commentary, the audience is drawn into a fictional Vegas underworld where two clans fight for supremacy. Our protagonist has just crashed a wedding, and he’s not sticking around for cake. He sprints for his life through the venue as a brawl breaks out and his destiny becomes entangled with the wedding bride. Stunts, fire, explosions, a torture scene and a live car chase test the limits of Cirque capabilities.

It’s also immersive immediately upon entering the venue. Motorbikes propel between seating sections toward the stage before performing airborne tricks. Projected graphics and a gripping soundtrack composed by Tyler Bates (300, the John Wick franchise) contribute to an atmosphere that’s more darkness of at the edge of town than circus of the sun.

Luxor, 7 & 9:30 p.m. Wed.-Sun., starting at $59 plus tax and fee. 855.706.5433