It starts out with a video filled with testimonials and ooh-and-ahh moments welcoming the audience inside Cleopatra’s Barge to Thomas John: Celebrity Psychic Medium. Then the man himself is introduced, and there’s an immediate likeability about him. He claims to have psychic abilities that have led him to become a go-to psychic.

Throughout the next hour and a half, John often closes his eyes and allows spirits to come forward and point him in the direction of the audience member that the spirit is trying to connect with. In one recent show, John helped a mother connect with her two daughters that passed; an aunt connect with her boisterous nephew who passed too soon in a tragic car wreck; a father connect to his daughter to tell her how proud he was of her; and many, many more.

Weaving in and out of the audience, John announces correct names, places and exact details, much to the astonishment and excitement of the audience. He has a likable, gentle, even at times comical way about his readings, instantly drawing in the audience even if they’re not the ones receiving a message. In other words, the whole room gets wrapped up in the readings, often finding comfort, joy or even sadness in watching a fellow audience member react to him connecting them with a loved one.

It truly is an evening of what almost seems like miracles—loved ones who have passed, reaching back out to bring comfort to restless hearts and minds. There’s both closure and new beginnings that John brings with his show, and the audience gladly accepts them. (It’s important to note that readings are not guaranteed.)

Caesars Palace, 6 p.m. Thurs.-Mon., starting at $49 plus tax and fee. 702.777.2782