A prime locale for a high-energy good time, Adventuredome—the super-charged playground at Circus Circus—is home to noted El Loco roller coaster, which tops its lineup of gravity-challenging rides, plus a rock-climbing wall, clown shows, miniature golf, mini-bowling, interactive theater shows, carnival/arcade games and so much more.

Families can start with the family rides. Try the B.C. Bus, an up-down-and-around ride, or go for the Circus Carousel, an old-fashioned, revolving trip atop your favorite carved animal. And for the smaller members of your contingent, plop ’em on the Frog Hopper for some bouncy fun.

Bigger daredevils will be drawn to such attractions as Sand Pirates, where you can indulge your swashbuckling side and hang on tight for a wild pirate ship ride.

Coaster aficionados can’t pass up the marquee attractions. Get your adrenaline jacked up on the famous/infamous Canyon Blaster—advertised as “the world’s only indoor, double-loop, double-corkscrew roller coaster.” After catching your breath, give your heart another jump-start on El Loco, a twisty nerve-rattler that shoots 90 feet up, then plummets for a 1.5-vertical-G drop.

Once your feet are back on the ground—get ’em off again. Take a whirl on Disk’O, a rocking/spinning thingamabob; soar on the Sling Shot that rockets you up its towers with 4 G’s worth of acceleration; experience some Chaos, a ride that spins you in three ranges of rapid motion; and hop aboard the Inverter, a flip-crazed concoction that whips you around a full 360 degrees with G-force intensity.

Also among the abundant amusements: Take in the 4-D Special FX Theater, with its bubbles, scents, air bursts, water squirts and vibrating seats that help give dimension and bring to life adventure cartoons including Ice Age and Pacific Rim; zap your friendly foes with laser fire at the Lazer Blast arena—then put a Gotham City spin on the fun with Batman-themed laser battles, including protecting citizens from the Joker.

So go on—shed a few decades. In here, even grownups give in to childlike abandon.

Circus Circus, 702.794.3939

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