Penn & Teller are the undisputed kings of magic in Las Vegas, not only because they have the longest-running magic residency in Vegas history (2021 will mark 20 years since their show at Rio began), but because their influence has brought better magicians, and better magic, to the city. Young, groundbreaking performers such as Mat Franco, Shin Lim and Piff the Magic Dragon all have a debt to pay to Papa Penn & Teller, because all were cut from the same magic handkerchief, a philosophy that focuses on magic’s artistry and expression, not the fervent desire to convince audiences they are capable of the impossible.

Much of the duo’s success stems from their commitment to facts rather than fiction, for the two skeptics are determined to expose truth, to encourage others to question the answer. Rather than dealing with what’s mysterious and mystical, Penn & Teller prefer morality and honesty. Therefore, the duo will never lie to audiences; they’ll never say a trick is dangerous or death-defying, and they’ll never tell you magic is real. For Penn & Teller, the truth is always more interesting than the lie, and it’s always more fun to trick people rather than to make them believe.

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