Las Vegas is filled with unique experiences—dining, shopping, shows, attractions, nightlife, the list goes on. But when it comes to gaming, there’s only one place that you can truly have a unique experience, and that’s at The D—nowhere else in the city can visitors try their luck at the old-school Sigma Derby game.

It’s a mechanical horse-racing game where players can bet money on different horses, and the game pays out according to the winning horse and the odds. One very cool feature is that guests can still bet with actual quarters—no paper tickets here!

So, just how did The D end up with the city’s only Sigma Derby game still in operation? “This is a story that goes way back,” says Derek Stevens, owner of The D hotel-casino. “My first time in Las Vegas, a long time ago, I stayed at The Dunes hotel and the very first game that I played was Sigma Derby. My very first wager in my life was betting on Sigma Derby. So (the game) was always something special for me.”

After a long search, Stevens says, he finally got his hands on one that had been out of commission for more than a decade. After it was purchased, it was completely restored to its former glory, even to putting the original canopy on it. “There’s no better game, I thought, that represented vintage Vegas than Sigma,” Stevens says. “It was such a fond memory for me and I thought about all the fun that I had and the camaraderie playing this machine.” And Stevens is right. The game can seat up to 10 players and it really is a fun, communal experience.

On the second floor of the casino, where you’ll find the Sigma Derby game, guests can also enjoy some of The D’s most popular cocktails at the Vue Bar, such as the D Punch, a blend of four different Skyy vodka flavors, Pacific Blueberry, Bartlett Pear, Raspberry and Citrus, plus orange, pineapple and cranberry juices. “The drink is a good way to end your night quickly,” says The D’s beverage manager Sam Pulliam.

There’s also the popular DT that has a slight green tea taste and is a mix of Jameson Irish whiskey, peach schnapps, sweet and sour and Sprite. And, there’s the Orange Crush, “a more intense version of a mimosa,” Pulliam says. It’s a refreshing blend of orange vodka, triple sec, orange juice and Sprite.

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