Patrick Nothstine deserves a pat on the back. “About seven years ago I told myself I’m going to wear a suit to work, every day,” he explained. “And now I’ve reached that goal.”

Nothstine is relishing his career as beverage manager at Caesars Palace. “Blessed is the best way to describe it,” he said. “But also, hard work and dedication. It’s been 14 years and I’ve worked my way up to where I am.”

Born in Oklahoma City and raised in Atlanta, Nothstine’s first job in the food and beverage industry was working the drive-through window at a Wendy’s fast food restaurant. From there he’s been a dishwasher, server, cook, bartender, bar manager, restaurant manager and assistant general manager at various venues in Atlanta. Two years ago, he moved to Las Vegas. “I’d never been to Vegas before,” said Nothstine, adding that he was well aware of the city’s reputation as a world leader in the industry. While he worked at various properties bartending, he found the perfect fit eight months ago when Caesars Palace hired him.

“After the first week I got my bearings and it’s just been fantastic every since,” he said.

As the beverage manager for the large resort, Nothstine said, “Any alcoholic beverage that comes out onto the casino floor and bars, I’ve had my hand in it somehow.” Whether it’s ordering the new “it” spirit or revamping an entire cocktail menu, Nothstine stays on top of the beverage trends; he’s constantly doing research.

“I’m always looking for what’s the next best thing in cocktails,” he said. “If it’s going to be trendy, if it’s going to be a hit, I’ll make sure Caesars is on top of it.”

Absolut Bloody Mary

Absolut Bloody Mary

Absolut Bloody Mary

Jan. 1 is International Bloody Mary Day, and in honor of hangovers everywhere caused by heavy partying on Dec. 31, the Apostrophe Bar at Caesars Palace (located near the Bacchanal Buffet—another perfect remedy for hangovers) is offering the Absolut Bloody Mary, Jan. 1-2, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. The “hair of the dog” cocktail mixes ABSOLUT.® Elyx vodka with Caesars Palace’s house-made Bloody Mary mix and adds celery, carrot, shrimp, bacon, cherry tomato and blue cheese olive as garnish. Now, if this concoction won’t cure what ails you, we’re not sure what else will!

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