It’s not something he often tells people. But even after more than a decade with Caesars Palace, Sean Kane, beverage operations manager, will “occasionally walk out to Las Vegas Boulevard, in front of the fountains and look back at Caesars Palace,” he said. “And, I’m still kind of flabbergasted. I get those tingles to think that I work here.”

Kane, who grew up in a small town in Kansas, headed for the “bright lights of Vegas” as soon as he turned 18. He didn’t have a plan, but managed to land a job at a golf course. One of the golfers there had a wife that worked at Caesars Palace, and through that connection Kane joined the property in 2004 as the front desk agent on the graveyard shift. His tenure at Caesars Palace has included working in catering and conventions, bell desk and housekeeping, where his talents and skills have awarded him supervisor and management titles. In August, he was presented with the opportunity to work in a new area, beverage operations.

Kane and the rest of the beverage team oversee many of the property’s bar and lounges, including Caesars’ newest addition, Alto Bar, that he helped launch. It serves as a companion to Omnia. “Alto is your appetizer and your dessert for a night out at the club.”

For Kane, launching his first venue was quite the experience, he said. “I learned how to sweat through a suit,” he joked. “But it was an exciting experience.”

Absolut Elyx Martini

When considering about what kind of cocktail program Alto Bar would offer, the theme of “crafting simplicity” won out, Kane said. “It’s traditional cocktails crafted perfectly with fantastic ingredients, without going over the top,” he said. The Absolut Elyx Martini is one of Alto’s popular signature cocktails. Served in a copper coupe, Absolut Elyx vodka is stirred with Dolin Dry Vermouth and is garnished with hand-stuffed blue cheese and pimento olives. Simple, classic and flavor-filled.