The road always seems to lead back home. This is especially true for Nolan Lambertsen.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Lambertsen moved to California for college. But every summer he would come home and work as a lifeguard at one of the Strip’s pools. One summer, he was asked to help head up the opening of a new pool club. “I had to think, ‘Why am I leaving this industry, if I want to be in this industry?’” he said. “Why don’t I just stay here, take the opportunity, start to grow in the industry now?”

That was nearly a decade ago. Today, Lambertsen is the director of nightlife and daylife operations at SLS Las Vegas. He parlayed his first pool club position into a flourishing career—going on to help open and grow other pool clubs in the city. About a year ago, he joined SLS to help establish the property’s pool experience, and now he runs both daylife and nightlife, including The Foundry, a live music venue.

“With the Foundry, each concert is going to be one helluva party.” And, it’s the party that Lambertsen concentrates on, no matter what venue. His job, he said, is to make sure that guests are having a great time and a great experience at SLS Las Vegas.

Jasmine's Margarita

Jasmine's Margarita

“I take my job very seriously,” he said. “It’s about being ready for the day, being prepared. I know the Vegas market—growing up here, working here, its definitely been an advantage. And, I always say, ‘If you can handle Vegas, you can handle anything.’”

Jasmine’s Margarita

Before The Foundry transitioned into SLS Las Vegas’ live music venue, it was one of the property’s nightclubs, Life. Although the space has been rebuilt and rebranded, there are still some original touches to be found, and that includes Jasmine’s Margarita. The popular cocktail has staying power and has been offered since the hotel’s opening. Concertgoers can order the cocktail—Avión tequila, fresh-squeezed lemon and lime juices, pomegranate juice concentrate and pomegranate seeds, with a spiced rim of salt, cayenne, tamarind and lime zest—at one of the multiple bars inside The Foundry.