Juel Casamayor is a busy woman. When she’s not modeling, working as a personal trainer or continuing her education in real estate, Casamayor works as a bartender at Flamingo’s pools.

It’s Casamayor’s first season at the property, but before she worked here she was a regular guest, and jumped at the opportunity. “I always thought of Flamingo’s pools as a hidden gem, where everyone in the industry came,” she said. “You could come and hang out and it’s very easygoing and laid-back; a good atmosphere, good music. It’s a fun place to be.”

Since moving to Las Vegas three years ago, Casamayor hasn’t slowed down. The ex-Redskins cheerleader recently wrapped a fitness commercial, and she also trains—herself and others—to compete in national fitness competitions, placing in the top five in the National Physique Committee’s fitness competition.

But it’s at Flamingo’s Beach Club pool and the 21-and-over GO Pool where the Atlanta native continues her passion for bartending. “Being able to make a well-balanced drink is important, but, you have to have personality and like your job,” Casamayor said. “One of the things I pride myself on is that my customers know my name and they come back to see me because I build a great rapport with them—I never let them walk away without me saying their name. … Plus, I love working here—this is the most fun that I’ve ever had at any job, ever.”

Blue Devil

Casamayor keeps guests cool by whipping up some tasty, refreshing cocktails. Flamingo offers an assortment of specialty and frozen cocktails, including the Blue Devil, available in a souvenir cup. “Everyone loves tequila!” Casamayor said. “The Blue Devil is sweet, sour and spicy and happens to be one of my specialties that I make.” Served over ice, the cocktail mixes together Herradura tequila, blueberry purée, lime juice, sour mix and Ancho Reyes chile liqueur, and is topped off with Red Bull Blue Edition.