Jessica Alvarez loves Las Vegas, but her heart will always belong to New York City. “I’m a New York girl at heart—100 percent. I gotta check myself sometimes,” she said, laughing.

One can quickly tell after meeting the Liquid Pool Lounge’s model cocktail server that she’s from the Big Apple—she talks fast and you get the feeling she’ll tell it like it is. But you’ll also pick up that she’s friendly, outgoing and real. “Growing up in New York definitely gives you a lot of character and culture; but it also gave me a good work ethic,” Alvarez said.

And that work ethic shines through when she’s helping her guests at Aria’s intimate day club. To date, Alvarez has a lot of experience in the industry. Since moving to Vegas more than a decade ago, she’s worked at many of the city’s top nightclubs and day clubs. This is her first season at Liquid.

“For me, the Vegas industry has created a lot of opportunity,” she explained. “I never thought it’d be this much fun, though. I’ve gotten to travel, meet people from all over, enjoy life.” But it’s not just Alvarez who’s enjoying life—she’s making sure her guests at Liquid are, too.

“Its my job to make sure that everyone that comes in has a good time. I’m very informative—how can I help them, how can I assist,” Alvarez said. “It’s also important that I make sure everyone that walks through the door feels welcome. I like people. I like customer service. I like to make people happy.”

Watermelon Cooler

“What I like about Liquid is it’s intimate and people that come here, many are European, know what they want and they’re down to have a good time,” Alvarez said. The specialty cocktail menu’s quality libations help keep the party going and match the upscale experience of the day club. A popular pick, the Watermelon Cooler, blends Grey Goose vodka, Marie Brizard watermelon liqueur, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup and club soda.