For Kendal Joseph all it took was one time visiting Las Vegas, and it changed her life. “I came (here) around my 21st birthday and I was like ‘Wow!’” said the Akron, Ohio, native. “I was pretty much mesmerized by how beautiful everything was and how much fun everyone was having. At that moment, I just knew I wanted to be here.” So, Joseph packed her bags and moved to Vegas seven years ago. And, today, you can find her working as a model cocktail server at one of the most successful nightclubs in the city, Omnia at Caesars Palace.

Although Joseph had been through the audition process before, having worked for some of the city’s hottest day clubs and nightclubs, she says she still was a ball of nerves when auditioning for a spot at Omnia. “About a couple thousand (ladies) auditioned,” Joseph said. “... Out of the thousands, only 69 ladies were chosen—so, it’s a huge privilege.”

It’s important to Joseph that she reflects the status of the club in the way she works. “Most people would say you pour drinks all night, but it’s so much more than that,” she said. “You’re trying to create this fun party for your guests; give them amazing customer service. It might seem easy, but, really, you work very hard. … But, you also get to see great DJs every night and you’re inside one of the best nightclubs in the city, the world, so you have to remind yourself that this is special. Be thankful. You have to love Vegas, a city like no other.”

Absolut Elyx

Omnia nightclub has quickly become known for its amazing bottle presentations. “We call them bottle drops,” Joseph said. “We have some of the best presentations in the whole city.” And, she’d be right. Delivering bottles, such as the Absolut Elyx bottle, to various VIP tables can be a complete show for clubgoers to watch. They’ve had aerialists drop from the ceiling, parades with sparklers, and one of Joseph’s favorites—the Barbie box. A giant Barbie box is wheeled to the table and the cocktail server playing the part of Barbie (Joseph has even played the role) comes to life, pops out of the box and delivers the bottle. “It’s my absolute favorite, it’s so much fun to watch,” she said.