Noor Jehangir might just be the one person you’ll remember when recalling your wild Las Vegas memories. “When their memories start churning, the only thing they’re thinking of is me and them and Vegas. I’ll be forever associated with that dope memory,” said the MC and hype man for Hyde Bellagio.

See, it’s Jehangir’s job to set the pace for a night at the club—up in the DJ booth, holding the mic, keeping the flow going, he said.

The Austin, Texas, native is no stranger to the industry, having immersed himself in his hometown’s nightlife scene since he was 18. working as a doorman, bartender and in VIP services. He also honed his talents after participating in MTV’s The Challenge: Fresh Meat II, the 19th season of the hit reality Real World/Road Rules franchise. After starring in the show, he played hosting duties for various spring break parties around the country. “You can give me a mic and I get it going,” he said.

After moving to town in 2011, Jehangir joined Hyde as a host, but his talents quickly became apparent to management, and those talents were put to good use one particular night. “And I haven’t put the mic down since,” he said.

“Hyde is like a house party, We go back to the basics. Back to when it was all about going to Vegas and being with your boys, with your friends, and enjoying the party. And, it’s my job to read the crowd and give them a night they’ll always remember.”

Love Unit

This libation is so popular (it's even been featured in the New York Times) that it has remained on Hyde’s cocktail menu since the nightclub opened its doors. The Love Unit is a smooth, savory and sweet blend of Absolut vodka, Absolut Vanilia vodka, Thai basil, fresh lime, fresh grapefruit and hand-extracted bell pepper juice. Be careful how many you choose to indulge in because the next thing you know you might be starring in your very own drunken shenanigans video on Jehangir’s Snapchat account, iamNoorJ!