Saying Kyler Fleming mixes drinks at a dry bar would be an oxymoron. Well, Fleming does in fact make cocktails, but at a spot named Drybar—a blowout salon at Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort.

The Las Vegas native works behind the bar inside the salon, and, as one of the mixologists at Drybar, really digs working in an unconventional bar environment.

“It was such a unique concept to me,” said Fleming, who was a part of the opening team. “I hadn’t worked in this type of environment before, but I liked the idea of it.”

While the bar might be unconventional, as a mixologist Fleming is well established. He’s worked his way through the ranks, starting out at a bar downtown that his uncle managed; then he was a part of the bartending staff that helped open The Cromwell. He’s also expanded his cocktail knowledge with classes and certifications. “I really love spirits,” he said. “I like the history, the heritage, the traditions.”

Fleming also has an expansive knowledge of Las Vegas, making him a great resource. Fleming’s relationship with the city begins with his parents—his mom, who is still a cocktail server, held the title of Miss Lady Luck early in her career, and his dad was the host of a popular local morning radio show. “I’d definitely say that I have ties with, and know, the city,” he said.

Fleming loves bartending because it combines his two loves: spirits and Vegas. And he understands the responsibility of representing both for Drybar’s guests. “Guests are in a good mood before they get here, knowing they’re going to get their hair done, knowing they’re getting made up—and it’s my job to keep that good mood going.”

Alli’s Fave

In honor of Drybar founder Alli Webb, the signature cocktail, Alli’s Fave, blends her favorite spirits: champagne, St-Germain elderflower liqueur and soda water. “It really is Alli’s favorite cocktail,” Fleming said. “It’s a well-balanced cocktail with a hint of sweet and floral.” With a handful of specialty and signature cocktails on the menu, the bar’s focus is unique twists on traditional cocktails. Fleming said the bar staff preps their own juices, syrups and offers unique garnishes like organic honey lollipops, candied ginger, dried grapefruit, balsamic dehydrated tomatoes, cucumbers with dill and star fruit with edible gold.