Next month Victoria Viveiros will be celebrating her 14th anniversary with Coyote Ugly at New York-New York. “Out of all the ladies, I’ve been here the longest,” said the California native. She’s been with Coyote Ugly almost as long as its been open—the wildly fun bar recently celebrated its own anniversary, 15 years in business in Las Vegas.

As one of the original entertainment bartenders, Viveiros is like the glue that holds the group of ladies together, said one of her co-workers. But Viveiros is quick to point out that all the ladies are special. “We have so much talent in this bar. Girls that have danced on Broadway, traveled as back-up dancers for singers,” said Viveiros, a longtime professional dancer herself. “We like to utilize the talent and creativity that we have here.” Meaning, not only has Viveiros choreographed a dance or two that the bartenders perform on top of the bar throughout the night, but some of the other bartenders have, too. It’s all a group effort at Coyote Ugly.

“They’re talented, intelligent, they all have fun personalities, and they’re beautiful,” Viveiros said. “It’s just a great group.”

That camaraderie translates into a welcome environment for guests. “It’s not pretentious here, it’s fun,” she said, noting that the bar is known for its repeat customers. “It’s everybody’s Cheers in Vegas. Guests love that they get to come to town and people know their name at Coyote Ugly.”

Cwazy Coyote Cooler

At Coyote Ugly, all the entertainment bartenders get to put their own stamp on the libations—each one has their own cocktail recipe up on the cocktail menus hanging on the walls located throughout the bar. Viveiros’ contribution is the Cwazy Coyote Cooler, mixed with Absolut Raspberri vodka, Viniq Original liqueur, pineapple and cranberry juices and a splash of 7-Up.