If Regina Hardy had followed through on her original career goal, today you might have been calling her Officer Hardy. But that dream changed about a decade ago, and now instead of enforcing laws, she enforces a good time as one of Flamingo GO Pool’s cocktail servers.

“I came to realize just how dangerous being a police officer is, and eventually decided it wasn’t for me,” explained the North Carolina native, who did a bulk of her growing up here in Vegas. That’s when she decided to try her hand at the nightlife industry.

“After doing nightlife for many years, I wanted a change,” she said. “I wanted to have a more normal schedule, actually work during the day and have nights off.” So she applied to Flamingo’s GO Pool, and this is her first season with the 21-and-over pool club.

“My job is to take care of my guests, but also make sure they have a good time,” Hardy said. “Working here is a lot different than nightlife for sure. I love it!” And Hardy also loves that the GO Pool is what she calls a hidden gem of the Strip. “You get great service and enjoy Vegas but it’s not crazy expensive, but you’re still treated like a VIP here,” she said.

When Hardy’s not poolside, she’s pursuing another career goal she began about a year ago. “I’ve always loved fashion and shopping but wanted something that’s affordable and you can still look fabulous,” said Hardy, who has launched her own online retail boutique. “Working at the pool allows me to do my business at night. My ultimate goal is to have a store.” Something tells us Hardy will have no issue locking that up.

Sun Splash

Flamingo’s GO Pool offers guests seven “poolside cocktails” including the favorite, Sun Splash. You can even order the refreshing cocktail—a blend of Malibu rum, pineapple and orange juices and a splash of cranberry—in a souvenir cup or pitcher. While downing drinks, guests of GO Pool can celebrate all day long with the pool’s lineup of entertainment that includes a special performance by R&B singer Mya on June 3. There’s also live DJ performances every day and drink specials like a free cabana with the purchase of $100 bottles of Belvedere on Wednesdays and $150 bottles of Captain Morgan on Mondays.