Steve Sagan wanted to be a personal trainer and open his own gym one day, so he studied fitness management at the University of Delaware. During his winter and summer breaks, he traveled back to his hometown of Atlantic City, N.J., where he would work as a bartender and as security at various nightclubs. After graduation, Sagan spent only six months as a personal trainer before he realized the nightlife industry was his true calling.

“I switched out dumbbells for bottles of beer,” he said, laughing. For the next two decades, Sagan dominated the industry, working as both a consultant and manager and helping launch nightclubs in Atlantic City, Philadelphia, and Lake Tahoe. In 2014, Vegas came calling.

Today, Sagan is the general manager of the of the Flamingo’s pools, and its adults-only GO Pool Dayclub. “I am the provider of controlled chaos,” said Sagan, when talking about his role at GO Pool. “We have put together what we consider a dayclub for everyone. We provide a great atmosphere seven days a week.”

Over the past few years, Sagan and his team have been responsible for growing both the dayclub’s reputation and its offerings (such as live entertainment, décor and cocktail menus.) “We may not have reached the finish line yet, but we’re now competing in the same breath as the bigger dayclubs,” he said.

After 20-plus years in the industry, Sagan says of his career, “Originally, it was to pay the bills while in college. Then after that it was something that I was really good at, and I became in demand. I wouldn’t say it’s the culmination of a career because I still have goals. But, especially working here, it’s definitely a sense of achievement.”

Cruzan Bucket List

New this season, GO Pool Dayclub offers two shareable cocktails that come in a 48-ounce bucket. The Cruzan Bucket List, which is similar to a rum punch, is a blend of Cruzan rum, VO|CO (vodka and coconut water), Sierra Mist, sour mix and pineapple, orange, lime and cranberry juices. The other shareable cocktail, the Millionaire Mimosa, is perfect for that morning indulgence and is made with an entire bottle of champagne!