Tenile Pritchard does many things, but one thing she’s always done is dance. From dance classes at 3 years old to leaving home at 18 years old to study dance in New York and Chicago, she’s kept it a constant, teaching dance to inner-city school kids and traveling the world dancing in shows in Paris, Korea and London. Her passion for dance “always reels me back in,” said the Boston native. “I think anyone that has a passion, it’s hard to break away.”

But Pritchard has managed to add to her résumé by becoming a model cocktail server for the pool at Tropicana. When she first moved to Las Vegas in 2008, she worked for companies that would hire her to dance at special events and conventions, and she also spent many years as a dancing bevertainer at the Rio.

“But then I decided I wanted to try something different,” she said. “I wanted to work outdoors. I’d never auditioned for a pool before—but I went with one of my friends to audition for Tropicana, and I got the call back. This will be my third season.” She really loves interacting with guests, making sure they have a good time.

Besides dancing (she also dances full time at Drai’s at The Cromwell) and model cocktail serving, Pritchard plans to pursue another passion of hers: midwifery. “I would love to birth all my friends’ babies,” she said, smiling. She plans to enroll in a program this fall to work towards getting licensed.

Tenile Pritchard does many things, but one thing she surely doesn’t do is sit around and let life pass her by.

Electric Lemonade

New this season is the Electric Lemonade, a blend of Absolut Citron vodka, Gaetano blue curaçao and frozen lemonade mix. Guests can indulge in a menu chock-full of specialty cocktails, and enjoy a reverse happy hour from 10 a.m. to noon, daily. There’s special pricing on cocktails, buckets of beer and food items. Guests of the pool can also enjoy cocktails while trying a hand or two at the swim-up blackjack tables.