When Megan Hutton enrolled at the hospitality school in UNLV, her major was undecided. But, as a part of one of her classes, students were required to go on educational field trips to Strip restaurants. “When we arrived, the general manager came out and put his arms out and said, ‘I’m the general manager and this is my restaurant,’” Hutton reminisced. “It was that exact moment I was like, ‘I’m going to be a general manager. It’s the most glamorous job in the world’. The next day I changed my major.”

Today, Hutton can proudly say she’s followed through on that proclamation, as she’s now the general manager for Pronto by Giada at Caesars Palace. It’s not her first GM position—she’s helped run other spots, including another celebrity chef restaurant, Guy Fieri’s spot at Rio. But it’s Pronto that Hutton has special admiration for. “Giada’s great,” she said. “It’s humbling to be following her lead and her brand.”

As the general manager, Hutton’s role is not only to lead the team but also to focus on big-picture operations and how to take Pronto to the next level, she said.

Hutton doesn’t reserve her experience solely for the restaurant, though. She wants to share the opportunities she’s had and pay it forward. “I feel like I’ve had unique experiences in my career,” said Hutton, who’s a current mentor for UNLV students in the hospitality program. “So being able guide and mentor future general managers is just awesome.”

Rose Gold

Besides the seriously delicious food created by Giada De Laurentiis, the celebrity chef’s newest restaurant also offers a full menu of wines and cocktails. Take a seat at the intimate bar and choose a glass of California or Italian wine or choose from three different cocktail categories—classic, Giada’s faves and signature. Under the signature portion of the menu, you’ll find the Rose Gold. “A delicate-tasting cocktail,” Hutton said. It’s mixed with Plymouth gin, Lillet Rose and Giffard crème de pamplemousse rose.

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