Have you ever had an epiphany about something important in your life, and how did that change your life?

When my mother passed away recently it had a profound effect on my life. The thing about loss is that it changes you. We think we are here forever. If we are blessed to have a long life, there is still so little time.

My mother was an incredible force around me. She looked at me with a complete, unconditional love. Her eyes were my home, they saw the good in me. Love sparkled from her beautiful green eyes. I am lucky because my mum was my best friend. I haven’t felt that look since she left this earth.

I am a changed man but I am okay until I find that look again. Even though there is a hole in my life, I don’t want to cover it with a superficial rug of false security. Why? Because the hole is still there to fall into. Instead, I will acknowledge its presence and very slowly fill it with the love that I have and the love I will find. Somewhere along the way, I will stand on that hole and it will be a bedrock where I can build a foundation upon the most love-filled place on earth. If you can, always stay connected to your mum and dad. I am my Mother’s Son.

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