Sean E. Cooper has been keeping the ladies of Fantasy company for 14 years. But, he’s more than company; he’s supertalented and an integral part of the adults-only topless show at Luxor. Cooper, a longtime comedian and celebrity impressionist, holds his own in the show, bringing in the comic relief when audience members need a moment to cool off from all the hotness strutting about. Cooper’s sidesplitting time onstage is memorable, and that’s saying a lot when you’re talking about being entertained by more than a dozen half-naked ladies! He recently sat down with Las Vegas Magazine’s Kiko Miyasato to talk about his role in the all-female revue.

Fantasy recently celebrated 16 years on the Strip. In a city built on topless female revues, why do you think Fantasy has outlasted so many others?

We offer a twist. We offer talented ladies and dancers and give different scenes and comedy, like old-Vegas style.

Your act in the show—do you have a favorite bit?

Yes. Ad-libbing; because I get a lot of hecklers. A lot of my set stuff is a lot of fun—Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Tina Turner, other impressions I do. But the heckling part, that’s when I get to open up because the audience opens up. I get to have fun with the crowd and do comedy off the top of my head.

You approach audience members a lot. What reaction do you like more: when your target audience member is more into it or when they are more reserved and scared to have that interaction?

Both. In a way. When the audience is a little scared, you can kind of tell they want to be loud and woo-hoo and get all into it. But when they’re into it, you can ride that wave and say pretty much anything—that’s when you get the standing ovations. But it’s fun both ways because you can crack them open, dig things up, see what kind of nut is in there.

Can you push your comedy routine more because it’s a risqué show?

Yes. We’re a topless show and later at night, so we can push it a little more because that’s the mindset of the audience. Clean comedy doesn’t really match the nudity and feel of the show.

Is there anything new in your routine that you’re working on this year?

Keeping it steady, but always have to add something … watching the news, there’s always something new going on. And, you know, Chris Brown is still young so he still has plenty to give. Then you have the politics thing, so it’s all day, every day.

How does it feel working with an all-female cast?

Good. No complaints. It’s great to have a lot of girls around; it’s a good look (smiles).

What is your relationship with all the ladies?

It’s a brother-sister type of thing. We don’t cross that line. I’m not saying it’s a good thing, I’m just saying I haven’t crossed that line (laughs).

Are you used to being backstage with all those ladies?

I’m used to it, yeah. I’d rather see ladies with clothes on. It’s different now. It’s changed. I’ve seen nudity now, a lot, so now I want to see ladies dressed.

Is there a bonus?

Yes. No matter where you go, they always bring attention. So that circle of attention is always around. Everyone benefits from it. It’s always a good look to have.