If there is an afterlife, what tangible things would you not like to see there—and why?

First of all, I do believe in an afterlife … or as we call it in show business, a contract extension. I’d like to believe that there is a better place for me to go after my life is done here in Las Vegas … and no, I don’t mean Pahrump.

Now here is what I hope to not see there:

• Traffic circles—too hard to navigate even for people in New Jersey. I can’t imagine what they would be like in heaven.

• Taxes. I want to be able to say the only thing certain in the afterlife is ... death.

• Ads with Flo the Progressive Insurance Lady. If I’m dead, I won’t need insurance.

• A Philadelphia Eagles football jersey. I’ve seen their fans. I think I know where they’re ending up.

• The second Star Wars trilogy. Why remind everyone of a bad time in our lives?

• In truth, the one thing I would not like to see are those who have hatred in their hearts. We have so much of that here on earth. I hope and know that the afterlife will be a place filled with those who truly love.

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