For House of Luxury Director Christian Morrow, watching brands evolve is more than a spectator sport; it’s a passion he gets involved in. He recently chatted with Las Vegas Magazine’s Sarah Feldberg.

What is The House of Luxury?

The House of Luxury on one side is a public relations agency that works with luxury brands. We work predominantly with fine jewelry brands. The other side is business development. As much as we’re about generating the brand, we’re also about delivering bums on seats, or actual sales. We also work on launching brands into new territories. So if you’re an established brand in the Middle East or in part of Europe or even in America, but you haven’t gotten awareness outside of that, we are your ghostbusters. You call upon us, and we will do everything from the ground up.

What are you doing at the Couture Show in Las Vegas?

We’re bringing our Wild Things London initiative, where we’ll amalgamate four of the most design-driven and interesting brands that we have in our portfolio at present. These are brands that are very well established in other territories, but haven’t yet really broken into the U.S., so this is a great way to do it.

What are some of the brands you’re bringing?

We’ve got a brand called Anil Arjandas. His family has been in jewelry industry quite a few generations. He was tasked with being a jewelry buyer for men, and he said he couldn’t find anything he would personally wear, so he decided to create pieces that would complement his watch collection. He created the Original Bracelet, where you effectively have an inner tube of a bracelet—it’s all made out of solid gold—and then individual segments are chosen by you. You can get a pack or you can buy the individual elements and create the bracelet as you go. Then we have By Stolie, a relatively new brand coming from someone who is a bit of a house-hold name: Ilona Stolie, a Russian socialite. She was a model, then she moved behind the cam-era and shot for Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar predominantly in Russia. She’s basically created everyday simplistic but really well-made pieces of jewelry. The choker is just stunning. It’s not overtly bling in any way. It’s just understated, but quality. Then you’ve got Ruwaya by the creative director for Amwaj, a very well established jeweler in the Middle East. She decided she wanted to create something that was more about her real passion and storytelling. It’s got this real Arabian influence through it. We also have Alessa. This one’s flying off the shelves at the moment. There’s kind of this Wonder Woman element to the Amara collection. The Spectrum collection has these callbacks to Indian traditions. (The co-founder’s) mum actually hand paints some of these bracelets.

What are the trends you’re most excited about in jewelry?

Men’s jewelry is something that there isn’t enough of, and it’s not being necessarily done brilliantly. I think men are becoming more interested in not just wearing a watch. They want to wear the rings, they want to wear the bracelets.