What are some of the trends you’ve noticed for 2018?

As far as the men’s world is concerned, we’ve seen quite a bit of blazers, quite a bit of logo—our company’s calling it logomania—quite a bit of short sleeve shirts making a big comeback. Track suits are pretty strong now and mixing them with sport coats, which I’ve never seen before. Lots of statement sneakers, and quite a bit of denim in new colors: lavenders, purples, yellows, fuchsias, pinks. It gives the guy an added choice, an opportunity to step out of the box. For ladies this season, brights and sequins in punchy pinks, sunny yellows and eye-catching hues. Statement sleeves, floral dresses and ruffles. Logo bags have re-emerged as a way to make a fashion-savvy statement, and in shoes, the pointed toe and Cinderella styles with sequins are quite popular.

Why do you think Las Vegas has become so popular for shopping?

We opened on Valentine’s Day 1981. There was pretty much no high-end retail at that time. We have come a long way in this city. It’s just amazing the growth that we’ve seen. Especially in the last five or six years, we have become a fashion destination. Where before [visitors] used to go to cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York to do quite a bit of their shopping, now they look to us. We have just about every major designer you can think of in our city. The great thing in our store is we have all of those designers under one roof.

What tips would you give to those trying to achieve that perfect look while shopping at Neiman Marcus?

Schedule an appointment with a personal shopper. Personal shoppers have a level of experience that allows them to work throughout all the different departments in the store. They can go from men’s to women’s to ladies’ shoes to handbags to jewelry and put a look together for a client within an hour or two hours. I work by appointment only. I have clients that have been with me for 27 years.

How would you describe your personal style?

I like business classic with a twist—an elegant suit that is very much tapered, a very nice pocket square, accessorized to the point where, when people come into the store, they look at it and say, “Hey I like what you’re wearing. Where can I get that?” For a more classical, elegant look, I like the Brioni, Zegna, Cucinelli, Tom Ford, Isaia, Armani. I have a mix of suits in my wardrobe. When I’m not at work, I wear Tom Ford five-pocket jeans, casual shirts, statement sneakers and a zip-up jacket. I like to dress very casual, but with a little edge. Even when I’m off, I’m in the store quite a bit. You have to have that look at all times, because you never know when you’re going be called to meet a client.