As director of marketing and business development at The Shops at Crystals, Monique Clements has seen Las Vegas evolve into the shopper’s paradise it is today. She spoke to Las Vegas Magazine’s Sarah Feldberg recently.

What are some of the trends you’ve noticed for 2018?

My favorite trend is just how kind of outlandish and crazy some of the garments are. Right now there’s this amazing sense of being really true to who you are and this nonconformist attitude that’s going around. Things that you never would think are cool are cool, like Balenciaga’s dad sneaker—this chunky sneaker that you used to make fun of your dad for wearing, and now it’s the hottest-selling item and everyone’s wearing them at Coachella. It’s really powerful to take things that weren’t cool and to make them cool again.

Why do you think Las Vegas has become so popular for shopping?

People are really coming here, and especially coming to the Shops at Crystals, to see things that they can’t see or experience in their hometowns, wherever that may be. They come from all over the world to have unique, one-of-a-kind experiences that they can take a little piece of it home and brag to their friends about.

Tell us about some of your retailers.

Hermes opened a store here with us when the center opened. Their business has been so great that they’re opening a new store on June 15 that will be triple the size of their first store. It will be right off Aria’s valet, a beautiful two-story store with a beautiful staircase in the middle and VIP rooms. We have the largest Louis Vuitton in the United States, and it’s one of the few Louis Vuittons in the world to carry every single thing the brand makes. We have men’s and women’s and jewelry and exotic pieces and luggage and we’ll custom engrave items for you. The other thing I’m pretty proud of is that we have over 30 stores that no one else in the city has. If they’re in love with Tom Ford or if they’re in love with Celine, they have no choice but to come to our center. It gives us just a little bit of an edge above our competitors.

You have an exciting mix of food and beverage outlets. What are some highlights?

We have Mastro’s, which not only is an amazing world-renowned restaurant, but it’s set inside a treehouse in the middle of the center. So it’s the best people-watching, fine-dining experience. We’re proud to also have Cucina by Wolfgang Puck, which is a wonderful Italian concept.

How would you describe your personal style?

I am a new mom to twin girls. I’ve expanded my wardrobe to include more flat shoes than I’ve had before, more pants because I’m always bending over and chasing after some kid. One of the trends that I love that has been really convenient for my new life is this backpack trend. I have the Fendi monster bag, which I’m obsessed with. It’s a chic, cool way to still be on trend and have this show-stopping piece, but also fits perfectly into my new life.