There should be a laugh a minute when Tommy Davidson and David Alan Grier co-star in a comedy romp at Treasure Island. Those who remember their days on the ’90s hit show In Living Color have a small hint of what to expect—Grier has a huge catalog of characters he can bring to life at any time, and Davidson has a vast repertoire of impressions.

Grier, a master of improvisation, has found success as an actor, appearing in everything from comedies like Happy Endings to dramas like Law & Order and Bones.

“I do musical impressions,” Davidson said, although that’s understating the case considerably. He’s also an actor and stand-up comic. But definitely expect anyone from Lou Rawls to Michael Jackson and Sammy Davis Jr., “depending on the audience and what I’m feeling.” Davidson finds Las Vegas fascinating because it presents an opportunity for him to perform before all different nationalities, religions and cultures, all in one spot.

Treasure Island, 9 p.m. July 24, starting at $49.95 plus tax and fee, 18+. 702.894.7722