Las Vegas may not be the likeliest home for reggae music, given its lack of oceanfront real estate, but the city has embraced the laid-back vibe of reggae for years, whether via the annual Reggae in the Desert festival or the multiple anniversary shows featuring popular reggae-rockers 311. So fellow reggae-rock band The Expendables (no relation to the Sylvester Stallone action-movie franchise) should be right at home when they head to town for a show at Brooklyn Bowl.

The Bay Area band’s blend of reggae, rock, punk and ska recalls popular Vegas regulars like Sublime, Kottonmouth Kings and Slightly Stoopid (who’ve released The Expendables’ most recent albums on their label Stoopid Records), but The Expendables also have a style all their own, including their signature dueling guitar solos.

They’ve been building a fan base independently since releasing their first album in 2001, helped along by a strong bond with surfing culture, thanks to their beachside home base of Santa Cruz, California. They’ve contributed to benefits for surf teams, and served as the soundtrack for plenty of beachcombers catching waves. If there’s a chill activity to be enjoyed under the California sun, The Expendables can provide the tunes for it.

Brooklyn Bowl at The Linq, 7 p.m. Jan. 6, starting at $18 plus fee. 702.862.2695