Drift Spa & Hammam

Drift Spa & Hammam

1. Drift Spa & Hammam (Palms Place, 702.944.3219)

While you might have sweated the details of last night’s plans, you obviously had a fabulous night if you’re peeking into this article. Try a different type of sweat—sweating out those toxins. The hammam at Drift Spa is co-ed, so bring the whole gang. Based on a centuries-old Turkish custom, the hammam acts like a giant steam room, cleansing your body and ridding it of toxins. Your sinuses clear up, headaches go away, muscles relax and you feel rejuvenated.

2. Canyon Ranch Grill (The Palazzo, 702.414.3600)

Logic would dictate that eating healthy makes you feel healthy, right? So while your kidney and liver are screaming for help after last night, treat yourself to Canyon Ranch Grill. The menu is made of healthy gourmet food including lean proteins, fiber-rich whole grains and fruit and veggies. A tofu scramble, grass-fed beef burgers and a roasted beet salad are all on the menu, but you might want to try the Healthy Elvis—a grilled peanut butter-and-banana sandwich.

3. Reviv (MGM Grand, 702.644.4466)

You were dancing out at the club, and the next thing you know you’re waking up in bed in your hotel room with your shoes still on. This type of night calls for Reviv, a wellness spa that specializes in hydrating IV treatments and energy-boosting shots—all aimed at restoring hydration to your depleted system. Board-certified doctors and registered nurses are on staff to conduct the procedures that includes both intravenous and oral delivery of vitamins, fluids and medications.

Du-par’s Restaurant and Bakery

Du-par’s Restaurant and Bakery

4. Du-par’s Restaurant and Bakery (Golden Gate, 702.366.9378)

Want to recap the previous night a la Vince Vaughn in Swingers? That calls for flapjacks. What began more than seven decades ago in L.A. comes to you in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. Du-par’s pancakes are not too dense, perfectly fluffy and buttery. Put some maple syrup on those babies and go to town. Now you’re all growns up.

5. Roni Josef Spa (Stratosphere, 702.380.7606)

While your wicked hangover might prompt you to want to jump off the Stratosphere tower, why don’t you try visiting the tower’s spa instead? Waiting for you is the Aroma Detox Body Wrap treatment that will put you on the path to recovery in under an hour. A natural body polish containing energizing herbal powder is used, followed by an algae wrap that detoxifies your body.

6. Bacchanal Buffet (Caesars Palace, 702.731.7110)

An all-you-can eat breakfast is just what you need. Bacchanal elevates the buffet experience by offering more than 500 gourmet bites, available in nearly a dozen cuisines. Freshly sliced meats, sushi, seafood, charcuterie and cheese platters, fried foods, fresh-baked breads, meats, dim sum, gelato, pies—the list is seemingly endless.

Slice of Vegas

Slice of Vegas

7. Slice of Vegas (Mandalay Place, 702.632.6470)

It’s everything you crave after a long night of partying. Held together by fresh-baked dough and melted mozzarella, the appropriately named Hangover Pizza is piled high with sausage, gravy, green peppers, onions, home-fried potatoes, bacon, ham and scrambled eggs.

8. Jivamukti and Hatha yoga classes (Bellagio, 702.693.7472)

If you left your soul out on the dance floor, realign it with your mind and body by attending a yoga class at Spa Bellagio. The Jivamukti yoga is a more advanced class, featuring inspiring music, Sanskrit chants and meditation time. The Hatha yoga class helps balance energies and opens the heart and quiets the mind.

9. Venus Pool Club (Caesars Palace, 702.650.5944)

Lounging poolside might just be the best way ever to cure the woes of partying too hard. The upscale European-style bathing palace does things right with its lavish surroundings, pampering guests with frozen towels, Evian mists and suntan lotion application. Best of all, you can order an indulgent poolside massage or body wrap.