Oh, how we all wish it were “summer, summer, summertime,” just like Will Smith sang, but until then, make it through the winter months by turning your daytime party plans to Ghostbar Dayclub at Palms. The saying “party like an animal” doesn’t even do this place justice—it’s more than that. There’s Hello Kitty making an entrance, life-size banana costumes, go-go dancers dressed like Lady Gaga in her “Poker Face” music video, confetti showers and rainbow-colored sheer curtains on the windows, people twerking and fist pumping while the DJ spins hip-hop and top 40 and the sounds of whistles piercing the air along to the beats of the blaring music—just an average Saturday at GBDC.

“GBDC is a perfect way to kick off your Vegas weekend and create some long lasting memories,” said Melanie Salas-Delillo, Palms Casino Resort marketing director. “Anything really goes at the party.”

Now in its fifth season, GBDC has gone above and beyond, with celebrity hosts and bottle service experiences, in addition to its lively atmosphere. “Every year, we continue to cater to what partygoers want,” Salas-Delillo said. “Last year, we started experimenting with popular social media influencers such as Jenna Marbles. They have such a strong following, sometimes even more than the big celebrities, and their fans have such a strong connection to them.”

Celebrities like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Richard Sherman, Jeremih, Sam Hunt and Flo-Rida have stepped into the party in the past, but there’s just something about those “social media influencers” that takes the party into overdrive. Hosts this season include The Fat Jew, a pop-culture commentator, among other things, Baddie Winkle, an 87-year-old who has the personality and style of a teen, and Kirill Was Here, a nightlife photographer and party curator.

Kirill Was Here was an amazing host, said Salas-Delillo. “He’s known for the champagne showers. It was really an off-the-wall party. We had kiddie pools in the venue, silly string, candy … it was a lot of fun. He brought GBDC to another level, which is really hard to believe because the party is already over the top.”

Mark your calendars—he returns on March 12 for GBDC’s season-closing party.

Besides the outrageous hosts seen in the past few months, Salas-Delillo said, GBDC has over-the-top bottle packages that haven’t been offered in the past. “For example, we have a Put A Ring On It package, which includes everything that you would need to get engaged or have a ceremony,” she said. “The package includes a two-night stay in a Sky Villa, 10 bottles of Cristal and a marriage ceremony on the Ghostbar patio for $20,000.” Those are just a few of the perks in this package.

Another factor that has made GBDC so successful over the years is its signature cocktails. The Flabongo, a flamingo-shaped beer shooter, and brown paper bag 40s, have been hugely popular. A new favorite is the Unicorn Punch, a concoction of Belvedere Wild Berry vodka and peach liqueur served in a 12-ounce souvenir cup or 32-ounce souvenir yard glass, and the Emoji Bomb, a blend of Absolut vodka or Jägermeister and a Monster Energy drink. “Our Emoji Bombs come in an 18-ounce emoji-faced yellow cup just like an emoji you would see in a text message on your phone.” Plus, the McDonald’s cheeseburger attacks return this year; they’re handed out at random times.

After five years of mastering the dayclub experience, what’s next for GBDC? “We’re always trying to make each season more outlandish than the last,” Salas-Delillo said. “So you’ll have to stay tuned.”