Beer lovers rejoice! Head downtown to Main Street Station hotel and casino and discover one of the city’s most-awesome hidden gems, Triple 7 Restaurant and Microbrewery. For more than two decades the Triple 7 team has brewed award-winning beers, with each year offering a new lineup of high-quality selections.

The microbrewery operates just like any large-scale brewery—from grain to glass, Triple 7 completes the entire process in-house, and brewmaster Tom Harwood oversees it all. Originally from Southern California, Harwood was actually a customer of Triple 7 before he even moved to the city. “Before we even lived here, we came in and visited and had some beers,” he said. “We’ve been guests for a long time.” A self-taught brewer, Harwood joined Triple 7 in 2015.

In the restaurant, which has an industrial-meets-early-American design with large glass windows that allow diners to peek in on the brewing process, guests can choose delicious dishes from a huge menu of upscale pub-style fare as well as take a seat at the sushi bar.

But let’s get back to the beer. Harwood and his team brew about eight year-round beers and two seasonals. This year, Harwood’s favorite brew on the menu was inspired by a recent trip he took to San Diego. The Carlsbad IPA is a Southern California-style IPA with a blend of citrus and floral hops. “The year-round brews are more traditional-style crowd pleasers,” Harwood said. “The seasonal brews are more exciting, and we experiment more.” Recently introduced is the spring beer, the Saison du Trip. “It’s a Belgian-style brew that uses a special yeast that’s kind of spicy, peppery, crisp,” Harwood said. Other stand-out selections on tap include the medium-body, American-style red ale, the Royal Red. For those who like to drink light beer, the High Roller Gold is a crisp and light, not-too-hoppy selection. And Harwood is excited about this summer’s selection—a mango Hefeweizen.

“To me, brewing beer, it’s artistic,” Hardwood said. “I get to make something that I can share, and people enjoy. Beer is really social; it brings a lot of people together.”

So, everyone head to downtown’s long-running hidden-gem of a microbrewery, Triple 7, get that beer in hand and rejoice!

Main Street Station, 11 a.m.-7 a.m. daily. 702.387.1896