Whether it is at the top of a resort, just off the casino floor with all the associated energy there, or Stripside, taking in the bustling streetscape from an open patio, the view makes a big difference in where you dine.

At Hexx Kitchen and Bar, the restaurant and confectionary at Paris, that patio area stretches along the front and wraps around the side of the restaurant, ensuring you'll always have those vistas of the Strip and the Bellagio fountains across Las Vegas Boulevard. Inside, Hexx itself offers a bit of sightseeing—plush décor with clean lines and table lamps and coffered ceilings, much as you might imagine a chic Paris salon would have. Choose to have drinks and dessert and maybe catch the fountain show, or stay for a full meal and definitely see it.

The menu here has a bit of something for all, from appetizers with a slight twist to lamb osso buco. One of the tastiest appetizers here has to be the baked cheese. Although you might expect to have a soft dippable appetizer delivered, what you’ll get are squares of Carr Valley Wisconsin cheese, chewy and almost meaty.

Crispy broccolini has a wonderful subtle tang due to a citrus concoction accenting the tips as golden balsamic and chili add a bit of spice. Chinese chicken salad can easily serve as a main course, with fried wontons, cilantro and slivers of carrot and red cabbage, and sesame-ginger dressing accenting flavorful chicken. Pair that with a sweet, roasted tomato bisque and you’ll have no need to delve further.

But, really, you should. Hexx offers several pizzas and side dishes including a mac and cheese constructed with gemelli, that twisty pasta, a blend of aged cheeses and bacon breadcrumbs. What will they think of next?

You can find notable entrées on all of Hexx’s menus, such as the wild mushroom pappardelle, covered in rich portobello, baby spinach and Parmesan. Lamb osso buco adds yet another twist to a classic, with the tender meat accompanied by golden raisin couscous. Nothing but winners here.

And after all that comes the hard part of the meal—dessert. Should you go for a brown butter praline shake, a flourless brownie, or indulge in a red velvet sundae, with chocolate ice cream, raspberries, red velvet cake and frosting? The mille crepe cake features luxurious layers, with raspberries, raspberry sauce and Hexx’s single-origin Madagascar chocolate.

Several of Hexx’s plated desserts use one of the company’s chocolates, created in-house in the chocolate kitchen. Hexx sources the cacao beans from five countries, all located within 20 degrees of the equator. Each of the single-origin chocolates gets refined through a lengthy process, and all that is used are the beans and palm sugar. If you head into the retail outlet after your meal, pull up a seat at the dessert bar and sample each chocolate. You'll be amazed at the difference between varieties.

Paris Open 24 hours daily. 702.331.5100