In Las Vegas, the buffet is king. Even the peasants eat like royalty. And the majority of the buffets in town offer really good, and sometimes great, food. Although some are stars of the hotel, others play a supporting role. Here’s a look at four of our supporting acts, each with something different to attract you.

The Buffet at Excalibur (702.597.7777) recently underwent a total makeover, and it shows. Start with a kiosk system to purchase entry; that makes things go so much faster in line. A smaller dining room allows easier access to the buffet line, where you’ll find dishes such as bison short ribs, lamb, sushi and seafood, as well as traditional dishes such as prime rib and special selections like eggplant lasagna, penne arrabbiata and edamame succotash. Along the side, you’ll find a self-serve drink station and, at one end of the buffet line, a bar. Nearer the entrance is the dessert station, where you can get made-to-order crêpes with your choice of toppings, plus ice cream pops dipped in vanilla or chocolate coatings.

At Treasure Island’s The Buffet at TI (702.894.7111), if you find yourself in line, check out the huge workstations behind large plate glass windows, where the sight of huge strawberries being dipped in chocolate will stimulate your appetite. Inside, the elegant environment makes it seem as if you’re dining in a fine restaurant. You’ll discover made-to-order salads, a pasta station with your choice of add-ins, sushi and king crab legs (on seafood night) and a dessert station complete with a mini-donut machine. You’ll find a bar here as well.

Downtown, try out the selections at Main Street Station’s Garden Court Buffet (702.387.1896). The décor here reminds you a bit of Disneyland, bright and airy with cheerful yellow arches everywhere. This buffet is known for its authentic selections of Hawaiian and Asian dishes; in fact many vacationers from Hawaii and Japan make Main Street and California hotels their home base in Vegas. On Saturday night, the buffet features an Island Selections section, including serve-yourself oxtail stew.

For brunch, head to Flamingo’s Paradise Garden Buffet (702.733.3111). It’s aptly named, as it curves around the outdoor wildlife habitat, offering seating against large windows looking out onto the habitat, or in more quiet realms opposite. The brunch buffet, offered solely from 7 a.m.-2 p.m. daily, was also recently revamped with new “action” stations, offering everything from barbecue to Mexican breakfast items, plus made-to-order omelets and crêpes. You might also check out the seafood buffet on Friday and Saturday nights.

So if you’re torn on where to dine and what to have, check out one of Las Vegas' boutique buffets, where you’ll get everything you want and everything you didn’t know you wanted—without having to travel all over town.