Sage has but one goal: To overwhelm your senses. To say it succeeds is understating the case considerably. From décor to service and cuisine, Sage is the complete package.

The venue itself is an absolute stunner. A sizable bar area gives way to a large main dining room highlighted by distressed mirrors, chandeliers, soft lighting and black curtains. Renoir’s “Luncheon of the Boating Party” provides some pleasant eye candy as you wait for the next course.

There are several distinct cocktails to choose from, including the Cold Drop Cocktail, made by infusing Woodford Reserve with blackberry and lemon, but for real visual stimulation, order the Pink Cashmere, made with Grey Goose Cherry Noir, white cranberry juice and lime juice—and topped with cotton candy. Sweet? Sure, but your decadent evening is just beginning.

Chef de cuisine Chris Heisinger has loaded the menu with surprises around every corner, adding to the already stellar items from founder Shawn McClain. You can choose from a two-, three- and four-course tasting, or do the chef’s tasting menu. Any way you go here, you won’t leave unsatisfied.

First courses include salt-roasted beets, accentuated by goat’s yogurt and—surprise!—chocolate. Or try the artichoke-fennel salad, a delicious combo of flavors including bacon, tangerine and lavender.

Meat lovers will definitely want to try the wagyu beef tartare as a second course, served with a crushed caper aioli, slow-poached egg and, yes, crispy chocolate. It sounds like it shouldn’t work, but it really does. And the foie gras brûlée, served with strawberry compote, shaved black truffle and toasted country bread, is an intense mixture of sweet and meat.

Get ready for one of the best dishes on the Strip for your third course: Sage’s Maine day boat scallop—its best seller for good reason. The texture is just perfect, and when you add braised oxtail, trumpet mushrooms and a salted caramel reduction, it really does not get any better.

Luckily, your fourth course options are stellar as well, including wagyu filet served with potato purée and black truffles and grilled skirt steak with sesame and a miso soubise.

For dessert, you’ll probably be tempted to order the foie gras candy bar, a McClain classic with salt-and-pepper peanut butter cream, and bourbon caramel, and who could blame you? But you might also want to try the gooseberry tarte tatin, with a nice, flaky crust, candied pine nuts and green chartreuse ice cream, or the passion fruit semifreddo, a pleasantly light combination of toasted coconut, lime curd and raspberries.

Bet you think you’re finished, but think again! You’ll surely want to try something from Sage’s absinthe cart, which contains versions of the spirit from all over the world, like La Clandestine Supérieure from Switzerland and Grande Absente from France.

Make sure you’ve got your camera ready, because your server will pour your absinthe into a glass while it’s on fire. It’s all a bit overwhelming, but that’s the essence of Sage.

Aria, 5-11 p.m. daily. 877.230.2742