Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay may have come to international fame with a show called Hell’s Kitchen, but much of the food served in the restaurants in his culinary empire have a little heaven wrapped up in them.

In Las Vegas, he has four restaurants, including the casual Gordon Ramsay Burger at Planet Hollywood Resort, where classic dishes get a little Ramsay twist.

One of the best dishes on the menu has to be the mushroom poutine. (And this one stands out among all the poutine in Las Vegas and beyond!) Thick beef Burgundy-style gravy covers a platter of hand-cut fries, duck bacon and melty cheese curds. Adding a lighter element are vinegar-pickled shallots, perfect for cutting through the super-rich ingredients.

Burgers, of course, fill out the majority of the menu, and the Farmhouse variety will fill you up. In a pretty sesame bun, Dubliner cheddar cheese, Mangalitsa bacon and a fried egg sit atop a plump patty. The Hell’s Kitchen burger really lives up to that name with roasted jalapeños and jalapeño aioli. Roasted tomatoes, creamy asadero cheese and avocado cut the heat a bit.

There are plenty of other burger options, from the signature Hog Burger, which showcases barbecue pork and Mangalitsa pork and bacon, to a tandoori chicken burger. A portobello mushroom burger compresses the large, meaty mushroom and layers it into a burger shape, then adds Mimolette cheese, Boursin cheese and shaved veggies to the sandwich. You can actually request the portobello as your patty for any of the burgers if you so desire.

Traditional accompaniments like the beer-battered onion rings served in a stylish metal cone will satisfy the vegetarians in your party—they’re large circles of bready goodness with Parmiagiano-Reggiano grated on top. House-made chipotle ketchup and cheddar-ranch dip put a tasty spin on those classic condiments. A more British take on a side dish are the chips—huge fries with a tomato-curry sauce.

One of the most photogenic things you’ll find here is the Big Dawg. This simply enormous hot dog is piled high with pickles, mustard, onions and ketchup—all the good stuff. If you must venture into soup and salad land, a baby black kale Caesar will do the trick, and cheddar ale soup gets an accent of crispy Parma ham and pretzel croutons.

Desserts are both fun and decadent. The blood orange creamsicle comes out beautifully plated, a gorgeous frozen concoction that mimics the classic treat. The exterior is a much redder hue than the classic and surrounds a crème fraîche interior. It's tangy and sweet and so darned yummy. Shakes go with burgers, of course, but the crème brûlée shake here stands on its own. Go for the Oreo variety and you’ll get a layered loveliness. The chilly, thick Oreo milkshake base is topped with a nice amount of buttery custard and capped off with caramelized sugar. Oh my—you may want to forget the poutine and return for the shake, because it’s indeed a little heavenly.

Planet Hollywood Resort, 11 a.m.-midnight Sun.-Thurs., 11 a.m.-2 a.m. Fri.-Sat. 702.785.5462