Two is better than one, right? At Beijing Noodle No. 9 in Caesars Palace, the entrance is flanked by two rows of tall aquariums on either side, and two kitchens mean double the chance to find a treasure. One of those kitchens at the traditional Chinese restaurant, to one side of the entrance, prepares dim sum, and the other, at the back of a small dining room, takes care of the rest of the enormous menu. The dining room itself is decorated on all sides and ceiling with white, cut-out abstract panels lit from the back, creating a pretty environment.

Although it might be hard to choose your dishes simply because of the menu’s size (it’s 14 pages), the variety means you can find a favorite, or jump in and try something unusual. It’s family-style here, and dishes will arrive when they are ready to be served, so don’t expect a break between courses.

If you start with the spicy pork won-tons, accented with scallions, and sesame seed, you’ll find they really aren’t overly spicy, but the tiny little bites are definitely a bit peppery. Another dim sum fave is the pork soup dumplings. Dip the little pockets in black vinegar before popping into your mouth, where you’ll get a flavorful little shot of broth. Adventurous? Try the marinated jellyfish. A nice dish of cucumber in a ginger sauce helps lighten things up a bit.

The braised sea bass makes for a nice entrée, lightly fried cubes of fish cooked with onions, cilantro and asparagus in a clay pot. The bass is light and fluffy; just remember that as is common with many Chinese fish dishes, the bones will not have been removed. Just drop those to the side after getting to the meat. A similar dish, the braised eggplant and tofu, creates a comfort food with chunks of fried tofu, mushrooms, asparagus and an earthy sauce.

You can get all manner of dishes with noodles here (hence the name), from the fiery Sichuan dan dan spring noodle to the hand-pulled Beijing zha jiang. Soups, rice, seafood, chicken, beef and lamb dishes—there’s even a hot pot section on the menu, and certain dishes have suggested drink pairings. The barbecue platter features roast duck, poached chicken and barbecue pork, and comes with sauces that complement each meat.

Desserts here are delicious. From the dim sum menu, choose the Egg Yolk Quicksand. The steamed buns are filled with a sweet, custardy filling that, when the “egg” is broken, flows out like a yolk. It’s quite yummy. And chilled mango soup is thick with floating tapioca balls as sweet mango and tangy pomelo chunks swim in a gorgeous yellow sea. You will finish every bite, guaranteed!

Caesars Palace, open 24 hours daily. 702.862.3530