In 2016, Michael Mina’s StripSteak celebrated a decade of steakhouse mastery at Mandalay Bay. The contemporary space, awash with hardwood and stone finishes, remains timeless even 10 years after opening; similarly, the menu, now under the watch of executive chef Tony Schutz, continues to impress while staying true to its roots.

Every StripSteak dining experience begins on the same high note. Mina has always had a bit of a fascination with the number three, as trios abound on menus across his burgeoning culinary empire. So unsurprisingly, your meal begins with a complimentary amuse bouche of a trio of duck fat skinny fries: truffle, herb and Old Bay. Each is coupled with its own dipping sauce, but the addictive Old Bay ones pair particularly well with the truffle aioli. Feel free to mix and match your own combinations as you desire.

Afterward, continue your meal with an order of the yellowtail sashimi. Complemented with Ossetra caviar, serrano chilis and a yuzu-laced ponzu sauce, the seafood offering is sharp and clean with stabs of heat; the addition of crispy rice simply provides the hamachi a hint of textural contrast. In preparation for the impending steak, stay on the lighter side with an arugula salad invoking a street food favorite: chili flake-dusted mango. Popular across the Mexican border, the mix of heat and sweet on the spice-laden fruit provides a foil to the otherwise peppery greens. Finished with house-made ricotta, each forkful a contrast in textures. Or partake of grilled artichoke. Grilled over open flame and finished with a lemon squeeze, this seasonal vegetable delivers smoke and citrus with each bite—so much so, in fact, the flavorful accompanying Dijon vinaigrette simply gilds the lily.

A testament to StripSteak’s creativity is the revelation one could have a glorious meal even without partaking of steak. But why would one want to when the Mishima Reserve wagyu rib cap is available? The ribeye cap is a niche cut of meat which has gained reverence in recent years; the Mishima Reserve rendition is immaculately tender and juicy, practically melting in your mouth due to its extreme marbling. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try American wagyu beef before, there’s no better place to test the waters than at StripSteak. Pair it with an equally decadent cheesy potato gratin with smoked gouda. While not as marbled as the wagyu, the NY strip from Creekstone Farms is a meaty cut reminiscent of Vegas steakhouses of lore and a worthy variant to the luscious wagyu.

Finish with the classic StripSteak beignets served with a triumvirate of pots de crème: an alcohol-forward Macallan butterscotch pudding, a mild orange citrus and a sweet vanilla crème brûlée. It’s the proper opportunity to peruse StripSteak’s legendary selection of over 110 Scotches, perhaps pairing your beignets with a dram of The Dalmore King Alexander III, which hints of toffee and fruit. In fact, if you’re so inclined, you can drink Scotch throughout your meal in a manner befitting an epic Vegas experience. Steak and Scotch for everyone!

Mandalay Bay, 5-10 p.m. daily, lounge opens at 4 p.m. daily. 702.632.7414