Now that he’s at the helm of five Las Vegas Strip restaurants, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is able to offer a wide array of favorite dishes and versatile dining experiences to his many fans and followers from around the globe, all within walking distance on Las Vegas Boulevard.

The best place to start a true Tour de Ramsay is his first Vegas spot, Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris. The stylish entryway serves as a Chunnel-like voyage from France to the United Kingdom, Ramsay’s home and the birthplace of his cuisine, and the bright Union Jack across the steakhouse ceiling reinforces the feeling. Start with a shellfish platter or traditional caviar service and throw in some British-style onion soup made with Boddingtons Pub Ale before the main event: prime beef from the finest purveyors in America and Japan. Try to save some room for the beloved sticky toffee pudding dessert.

Ramsay doubled down for real in Las Vegas, opening his second and third restaurants within days of each other, both informal favorites that always attract a hungry crowd. Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace is a parade of great beers and classic bar snacks, sandwiches and straight-off-the-grill standards. Maine lobster and shrimp rolls, a bacon burger with sharp cheddar cheese, hearty steak and ale pie, and exquisite butter chicken curry are among the most popular orders at this pub. Gordon Ramsay Burger at Planet Hollywood Resort focuses on that most American of meals but executes each fabulous burger, every order of truffle Parmesan fries and each milkshake with refined flair and creativity. Share the burnt ends poutine, smothered in black pepper gravy, with your friends before keeping your burger all to yourself. We recommend the exotic Mediterranean Burger with tandoori lamb patty, feta cheese and tabbouleh salad.

Ramsay recreates his childhood summers with Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips at The Linq Promenade, a counter-service or takeout tribute to the best-known English street food. This small, colorful spot goes through more than 25,000 pounds of potatoes every month to create those perfectly crisp and pillowy chips, best enjoyed with a liberal dip in curry-mango sauce or Southwestern ranch. Save the house-made tartar sauce for hand-cut, fresh cod fillets battered and cooked to order, often called the best fish and chips in all of Las Vegas. Or change it up with fried shrimp, chicken or sausage. Spice up those chips with “dirty” flavor varieties including truffle, Parmesan and chive, or cacciatore spice with fresh basil.

The culmination of the superchef’s Las Vegas efforts is his newest addition: Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace, unmissable on the Strip-front corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo Road. Inside this pristine palace, the popular TV cooking competition show of the same name springs to life, complete with Red and Blue kitchens and a studiolike brasserie environment where signature dishes like Beef Wellington, pan-seared scallops with English pea purée and roasted rack of lamb fly out of the kitchen at a furious pace. Order extra side dishes here, flavor-packed selections like smoked Gouda macaroni and cheese, roasted cauliflower with mint and chili-lime gremolata, and potato purée decked out in crème fraiche. Like Ramsay himself, these dishes just don’t quit.