They say everything is bigger in Texas. But has Texas ever seen PBR Rock Bar and Grill inside the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort? At some point, the Lone Star State might want to take a gander, because it’s got some stiff competition.

Not only does PBR Rock Bar’s kitchen pump out colossal portions of food, they’ll serve it up any which way you want. Are you craving Margherita pizza and a hunk of smoked beef brisket? Or perhaps you’ll want to bring the family and enjoy some bacon mac-and-cheese balls and a plate of grilled chicken. Whatever you desire, PBR’s bar and kitchen works like a gifted major league baseball pitcher—they’ll toss everything at you but the kitchen sink.

Actually, never mind. The 100-ounce cocktail is pretty much the size of a kitchen sink. You’ll definitely need to polish off the drink with your entourage, so if you’re in town for a bachelorette party, this is the cocktail to start with. Variations include raspberry mojito and spiked peach tea. Or say you’re with the boys, and you’re looking for something that’s equally potent, but comes off slightly more masculine. In that case, try one of PBR’s frozen daiquiris in vessels the shape of a boot, a football, a giant beer bottle or a guitar. Rock on.

If you’re not toasted by then, order some food. An appetizer like tempura-breaded fried pickle spears is a good place to start. And even if you’ve had a life-long aversion to pickles, these might change your mind. Rather than the bitter flavor of dill, these are sweeter, and they’re served with house-made potato chips and a tangy aioli dipping sauce.

Since the portions are so large, it’s a great idea to share some entrées with family and friends. One favorite is the grilled salmon salad, a slab of flaky perfection on a bed of crisp field greens, sprinkled with black beans, garbanzo beans, Spanish rice, cheese, and shoestring potatoes. Tender beef filets are smothered in a luscious demi-glace, and accompanied by a medley of mashed potatoes, carrots and peas. Vegetarians can find refuge with the baked ziti, which can be prepared without the Bolognese sauce. But there’s also an all-day breakfast menu, where you can order dishes like the brown sugar berry French toast, thick hunks of Texas toast topped with a creamy anglaise, berries and whipped cream. For dessert, kids and adults alike will love PBR’s variety of towering shakes–the churro shake, in particular, is topped with churro sticks and a delectable, house-made donut.

But PBR is more than food—it’s party central. By night, the bar transforms into an adults-only saloon with DJs, live music, dance parties and beer pong. And since PBR stands for Professional Bull Riding, you’d be remiss to skip out on the bar’s iconic mechanical bull. Stand from a safe distance and watch people hilariously fail (you can check it out from the giant window in the passage), or try it out yourself inside. Can you handle it?

Planet Hollywood Resort, 8 a.m.-close daily. 702.750.1685