Recently opened at Aria off the main lobby, Catch is an experience from the moment you arrive. Enter through the floral-adorned tunnel, as lights twinkle in foliage along the 80-foot walkway where photo nooks and seating invite diners to linger. The breathtaking path leads to a bar and dining room conveying a Mediterranean patio motif for the globally influenced seafood restaurant. At a venue which prides itself for the see-and-be-seen set, architecture itself is as much of a star as the patrons.

Catch’s entrance is only the beginning of a memorable evening as the experience continues with the food itself. Truffle sashimi is a proper beginning, deftly delivering umami from thinly sliced tuna and hamachi (amberjack) adorned with the decadent duo of caviar and black truffle and finished with chili oil. The bold-flavored fish complements the robust accompaniments, rather than acquiescing to them as milder seafood might, in a study in balance.

The eponymous Catch roll combines typical sushi components of crab and salmon with an unexpected one—miso honey; the latter provides a fine foil to the spicy jalapeño slice garnish. And buttery king crab tempura delivers lightly breaded Alaskan king crab legs atop a sharp heirloom cherry tomato montage drizzled with a crisp amazu ponzu sauce providing the dish with both hints of sweetness and acidity. While a quality crustacean such as Alaskan king crab truly needs no improvements, gilding the lily with deep frying is hardly ever unacceptable.

Grilled-tender Spanish octopus intertwine atop crispy potatoes practically worthy of their own menu spot, particularly when paired with robust garlic aioli lurking beneath. And your table’s elevated lazy Susan-esque stand literally puts the oven-roasted whole branzino on a pedestal, its wide mouth practically gaping in request for a quick pic. While the bass is the star, don’t miss the outstanding citrus vinaigrette, which delivers acidity to the mild seafood.

Libation-wise, you’re in for a little surprise treat when you order the Meatpacking Manhattan combining Bulleit rye, Cynar and Lillet Blanc. The menu may remain mum but your somewhat floral take on the standard Manhattan is delivered in a Catch-emblazoned flask perfect for continuing the evening’s escapades.

And save room for dessert because like Catch’s entryway, the “Hit Me” chocolate cake provides another Instagram-worthy moment. Served atop a plate with the hashtag #HITME inscribed in chocolate, the lettering is not only decorative, it is also instructive, as you’re encouraged to play with your food. After a pour of molten chocolate atop a four-tier stack, comprised of a brownie, caramelized white chocolate ice cream, devil’s food cake and a “liquid Klondike” (white chocolate ganache dunked in chocolate sauce), the pseudo-Klondike bar releases ganache across your plate. It’s a deliciously decadent way to release your aggression and exemplifies the picturesque dining experience which is Catch.

Aria, 5:30-11 p.m. daily, lounge 10 p.m.-4 a.m. Mon. & Thurs.-Sat. 702.590.5757