Looking to try something that’s still one of those in-the-know kind of places? In a plush room behind Crush at MGM Grand, you’ll find Greek Sneek. Just to remain hidden on The Strip is an accomplishment, but that’s part of the allure of this new eatery. To get to Greek Sneek, take the narrow corridor to the left of Crush’s main entrance, where you’ll travel to the cozy, tucked-away dining area.

The cocktail menu has a selection of Greek beers, wines, ouzo and brandy along with the mixed drinks. Grab yourself an Adonis and sip on the handsome mixture of Metaxa 5 Star brandy, Om Meyer lemon and ginger liqueur, fresh lemon juice and aromatic tonic.

William DeMarco leads the kitchen for both restaurants, and in the case of Greek Sneek, his restraint showcases his confidence and understanding of the cuisine. A Mykonos salad is a fresh way to start, sticking to tradition and losing the lettuce that is often found in Americanized Greek salads. Instead a wedge of feta cheese commingles with heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, green pepper and Greek olives. It’s a salad one could easily munch on multiple times a week.

There is a bevy of appetizers here, starting with a memorable baked feta. This feta stack includes roasted heirloom tomatoes, poblano peppers and balsamic vinegar. The cheese softens in the oven but still retains a semi-firm texture. The poblano pops the rest of the flavors and is complemented by the sweetness of the balsamic. The Greek Spread features the classic trio of baba ganoush, tzatziki, red pepper hummus, always delicious.

Charred octopus is prepared properly, which says a lot, as cooking it too long or not long enough is a common way to ruin the texture, which is paramount to the enjoyment of the sea creature. Paired with crispy fingerling potatoes, toothsome navy beans, a Santorini fava bean purée and a port wine reduction, this is another hit for the chef and his team. Another signature appetizer is the meatball. Ground beef is flavored with mint, pistachio and a yogurt sauce for a classic combination that works on just about anything.

Gyros are worthy of an entrée order. Steak, chicken and lamb are the choice proteins here. A hefty stack of shaved lamb sits alongside red onion, tomato and purple olives, all of which rest on top of a spread of tzatziki, and all of that is enveloped inside a warm pita pocket with thick French fries on the side.

A stunner of a main course is the feta-stuffed half chicken. The boneless fowl cooks in its own juices, and that homey jus makes up the sauce component. With perfectly crisped skin, it’s an item that warrants repeat orders.

Desserts continue the theme of letting the ingredients shine, as the best Mediterranean food does. Greek yogurt is studded with honey gelée, huckleberry compote and edible flowers. Meanwhile, baklava cigars are soaked with honey and pistachios and come with a wicked vanilla whipped ganache.

With food this tasty, perhaps Greek Sneek won’t stay hidden too long after all.