On the Las Vegas Strip, French cuisine is as essential as neon. But the desire for its deep flavors doesn’t always lead to a formal dining room.

Take Favorite Bistro, a charming sidewalk café shaded by red umbrellas and the towering palms of the Linq Promenade. Built by French craftsmen with materials from Paris, the restaurant is meant to feel as if it is lifted from that iconic city. It has the classic zinc bar, globe lights and riveted banquettes, the weathered wood floor and “nicotine ceiling.” The vibe is as authentic as the menu, yet both pop with American influences.

“A bistro is meant for everyone,” said Jeremy Decherchi, a Paris native who opened Favorite Bistro in December with partners Thierry Bourdoncle and Ariane de Senneville. It’s a place for breakfast, lunch, dinner and nightcaps, where textbook escargot and a 32-ounce tomahawk share a menu with the Hangover Burger and Baked Alaska. You might be into the showpieces made of bread and blown sugar, or maybe the flat-screens broadcasting pro sports.

“We don’t skip a Golden Knights game here,” Decherchi said.

The TVs are a departure from French tradition, though Favorite is rooted in it and Bourdoncle’s history. He is a third-generation bistro owner with dozens of successful ventures across France. Favorite Bistro is his first in the U.S., named for his family’s original café and inspired by the notion of delighting every single palate.

At breakfast, you could build your own omelet with ham, brie and shallots, or go for The Elvis (French toast stuffed with peanut butter, banana, bacon and jelly). Lunch offers light and rich, from a poached shrimp salad with citrus, avocado and passionfruit dressing to cassoulet’s mix of duck confit, sausage, beans and bacon served in a copper sauté pan. Both Croque Madame and Monsieur grace the sandwich list, but the burger is the reigning bestseller.

Made with prime beef and caramelized in a charcoal oven, the patty bursts with smoky umami. Grilled onions, melty cheese curds, fries, bacon and soft-cooked egg pile on toasted brioche for maximum indulgence, every element executed with typical French precision. You don’t need a hangover to appreciate the beauty of this oh-so-Vegas dish.

The dinner menu is packed with memorable bites, including a trio of seared scallops served on citrus-spiked beurre blanc with a compote of lemon and fennel.

You know a restaurant is good when the chicken stands up to the steaks, but diners into wow factor can’t do better than Favorite’s ribeye. This bone-in paragon of beef demands its own plate. Presented only with a flourish of herbs and a topping of blistered tomatoes and peppers, the meat’s crust gives way to juicy perfection.

The entire dessert menu slays, thanks to world-champion pastry chef Claude Escamilla. But the dish winning Instagram right now has to be the Crystal Ball: passionfruit, coconut and strawberry sorbets melting into mint-sauced fruit salad inside a glowing ice sculpture topped with a bit of gold leaf.

Wandering in from the promenade, you’ll find something at Favorite Bistro to suit almost any mood. Try chasing hockey and beer with the newspaper and rosé from Bourdoncle’s vineyard. It’s the best of both worlds.

The Linq Promenade, opens at 8 a.m. daily, brunch 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Fri.-Sat. 702.844.4700