In the modern age of fine dining, buzz-inducing labels get tossed around frequently. Luckily for guests dining at Harvest by Roy Ellamar, “farm-to-table” isn’t just a hipster descriptor. Chef Ellamar has curated a veggie-forward menu highlighting his knack for sourcing the best local and regional ingredients.

Vegetarians can enjoy elevated meat-free choices, but omnivores will have plenty to choose from among sustainable seafood, dry-aged and grass-fed beef and organic poultry.

Harvest’s signature cocktails feature natural flavors from fresh fruits and herbs. The Pear Harvest shows off the fruit’s subtle flavor without added sugar. Southwest prickly pear juice blends with Wild Roots pear vodka, Samuel Smith’s Organic Perry Cider, a dash of Limoncello and fresh lemon. The beverage takes on the vibrant color of a pink prickly pear and has a brûléed pear garnish.

While you could easily make a dinner out of the hearty appetizers at Harvest, that would be a disservice to the delectable main dishes. Shareable starters you can’t miss include the colorful tomato tostada salad featuring avocado, heirloom tomato, corn and snap peas dressed with feta and cilantro vinaigrette atop a crunchy, freshly-fried tostada. This veggie-packed starter literally tastes like spring.

Harvest by Roy Ellamar

Baby Asparagus View Gallery

Vegetables are even featured in the pork belly lechon wraps, where you can build the perfect bite by bundling thick slices of tender pork belly in lettuce wraps with cabbage slaw and a vibrant cilantro-forward sauce.

Whether you opt for pasta, meat, poultry or seafood for your entrée, it’s hard to go wrong. Keep it simple with the colorful bucatini pasta with kale and Calabrian chilies in a Parmesan broth or go for the gold with the ribeye or pork chop.

Harvest’s grilled ribeye steak is flavorful on its own, but the accompanying red wine sauce and truffle béarnaise really enhance it. Make sure to pair it with the succulent and flavorful baby asparagus, prepared with pickled peppers and served with miso aioli and charred lemon.

Pork chops might not come to mind at first when considering an entrée at a fine-dining restaurant, but Harvest gives them the royal treatment. The pork chop is served atop of bed of broccoli rabe that absorbs the other white meat’s scrumptious flavors like a sponge. The mushroom farro risotto is the perfect accompaniment, full of various types of mushrooms like porous morels, which soak up the shallot confit like the crannies in waffles hold syrup.

The crushed potatoes might look skippable but they certainly aren’t. Slightly chunky potatoes become one with the Beehive Seahive cheese and olive oil, making a creamy base to house some textured pieces. Stir in crème fraîche and scallions to up the ante and you’ve got a rich side that eats like a meal.

The farm-to-table goodness continues into dessert. The raspberry panna cotta features flavorful berries nestled under Sicilian pistachio cream with salted streusel crumbles and white chocolate curls on top. The cream lets the flavors of the raspberries and blueberries be the stars of this fitting end to a market-fresh meal.

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