Get some of the best Chinese food in Las Vegas at the celebrated Mott 32, which opened in early 2019. Named for the address of the first Chinese convenience store in New York and the hub of Chinatown, it channels Hong Kong’s vibrant spirit. The first Mott 32 opened in Hong Kong itself, and expanded from there.

The restaurant is incredibly beautiful, with an industrial vibe in the lounge, hand-painted silk wallpaper adorning some walls, long leather banquettes and an accent wall with a window peeking to the kitchen in the dining area. As lovely as the décor is, the cocktails are even better, with signature cocktails that put a twist on the classics. Try the Forbidden Rose, a blend of pisco, passion fruit, lychee and lemon flavors. A little chili adds spice. The Hanami is a favorite among Mott 32 enthusiasts, with rye, gin and umeshu, plus yuzu, ginger beer and shiso. Strong, yet sophisticated.

The menu here is incredibly varied, with everything from dumplings to Peking duck. To start, try an unusual take on shishito pepper—this one is stuffed with chicken. Sesame prawn toast is a popular option also. Mott 32 offers two types of Shanghainese soup dumplings with Iberico pork. Among other offerings, you’ll find A5 Japanese Miyazaki wagyu, a huge variety of seafood, from fun takes like lobster ma po tofu to whole fish and crab, plus delicacies like bird’s nest soup.

But one of the more spectacular items on the menu is the Signature Mott 32 Cut—applewood-roasted 42 Days Peking Duck, which is cooked in a special oven designed just for it. And you’ll find duck all over the menu, in lettuce cups, fried in dim sum, in a salad starter, so if you feel you can’t order the whole bird, you have options.

The Palazzo, 702.607.3232

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