Most music acts not named The Who or the Rolling Stones go through lead singers the way Larry King does wives. So the fact that popular 1960s vocal group Jay and the Americans are on their third lead singer is hardly unique. How they found that singer? Highly unique. Three decades after the quartet disbanded, the second frontman, David “Jay” Black, found himself facing bankruptcy because of a tax debt.

When Black claimed he had no assets, a court-appointed trustee reminded him that he had long been performing as Jay and the Americans and owned the rights to the name—a name that had value. In 2006, Jay and the Americans went up for auction, and founding member Sandy Yaguda (stage name Sandy Deanne) won for $100,000. The only other bidder? John Reincke,a singer from Illinois who for decades had been performing Jay and the Americans hits like “She Cried,” “Cara Mia” and “This Magic Moment.” After winning the auction, Yaguda contacted Reincke, and, along with fellow founding member Howard Kane, flew to Chicago to see the mystery man perform. Before he knew it Reincke was hired, the group reunited and is still going strong to this day. Turns out the third Jay was the charm.

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