Most comedians primarily use social media for self-promotion and to entertain followers. Chris D’Elia is one such comedian—except for one key difference: Unlike the majority of his colleagues, D’Elia has refused to erect that figurative one-way mirrored wall that keeps Joe Public at bay. A quick scroll of D’Elia’s Twitter feed reveals just how much he enjoys engaging with both fans and trolls—especially the latter, whom he often relentlessly and viciously (yet comically) eviscerates in 280-characters-or-less spurts. And this isn’t always D’Elia returning fire. When the veteran stand-up comic and sitcom actor comes across a tweet he finds particularly inane, he won’t hesitate to lob the first grenade.

About the only thing more refreshing than D’Elia taking a sledgehammer to that aforementioned one-way mirrored wall is that he stands by every single word he posts, as emphasized in a pinned tweet last month: “I’m not sorry for any of the jokes I’ve ever made in my life. I don’t give a (bleep) what you think about it. Figure your own (bleep) out if your feelings are hurt.” Suffice to say, the same sentiment applies to the man’s stand-up act. You’ve been warned!

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