In Canada, Lights is a pop star on a level just below fellow Canadians like Justin Bieber, Drake and Shawn Mendes, but she’s yet to really break through in the United States. For savvy American fans who’ve caught on to her infectious electro-pop style, though, it means that her rare U.S. headlining tour offers a chance to see her in a more intimate venue. The singer-songwriter is touring in support of her fourth album, Skin & Earth, which was released last September and preceded by an original comic-book series, with each installment teasing a different song from the album.

Lights herself wrote and drew all six issues of the tie-in comic, which lays out the album’s ambitious post-apocalyptic storyline. All Music said that Skin & Earth “works as a fearlessly mature, confidently articulated album with enough musical and lyrical gravitas to stand proudly on its own,” and fans can enjoy the catchy hooks and empowering lyrics. But Lights’ passion for high-concept song cycles hearkens back to her early days in metal bands, an interest she keeps up with appearances on songs by hard rock bands like Silverstein and Bring Me the Horizon. Up in Canada, pop stars can stay a little quirkier.

Hard Rock Hotel, 8 p.m. Feb. 9, starting at $21 plus tax and fee. 888.929.7849 AXS